A Mauritanian company, located at the fishing port of Nouadhibou.

AFRIPESCA Mauritanian compaNY

About Us:

AFRIPESCA is a Mauritanian company, located at the fishing port of Nouadhibou. We are specialized in the production and export of frozen and fresh fish.

Our products are destined to be exported to Italy, Spain, Portugal, … In very high hygienic conditions, with the possibility of exporting to several other countries of the world. We strive to satisfy our customers while ensuring the high quality, freshness and good taste of our products.

AFRIPESCA maintains with all its suppliers a spirit of partnership that allows it to adapt its products to different forms of marketing. Meeting the needs, preserving quality … these are all essential criteria that allowed AFRIPESCA to acquire its current dimension and to offer a wide range of frozen seafood products.

Qualités & Sécurité

AFRIPESCA is committed to prioritizing quality in all its end-to-end processes (procurement, production, packaging, logistics).

To meet the needs and expectations of our customers, AFRIPESCA has developed and implemented a structured and efficient quality management system. This system is regularly monitored by external certification bodies (ONISPA, SGS) and customers, in order to verify and encourage efficiency and continuous improvements to the system.

AFRIPESCA has implemented a quality policy that is deployed at all the milestones of our system.

This policy is essentially based on meeting customer requirements (quality, mode of freezing : on board or on land, packaging, sizes, …) and ensuring that the products purchased comply with the standards of the European Union.

The focus on food safety has led to the implementation of an approach based on risk assessment, from the selection of raw materials to the production and shipping processes of our products.

The risk assessment enables AFRIPESCA to take a preventative approach to food safety by identifying and controlling potential risks and providing customers with products of a safe quality.

The management of the quality of the fish supplied is therefore a high priority within the company, it has given rise to partnerships with the shipowners and wholesalers in order to continuously improve our products.

Export System

We have a well-established exporting system that ensures that our fish is transported safely and securely to our customers.

Our system includes a cold chain that maintains the freshness of the fish throughout the transport process.

We also have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the quality of our fish.

Our Products

Our selection also includes the renowned Maquereau (Mackerel) and Sardine, which are culinary treasures celebrated for their flavor and nutritional value. And for those seeking the essence of Mediterranean cuisine, our Sardinelle (Sardinela Aurita) stands as a symbol of coastal culinary heritage.

With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and the rich heritage of coastal flavors, our seafood products are trusted by chefs and enthusiasts worldwide, bringing the tastes of the ocean to your table.

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Port View

Mauritania’s ports offer a gateway to the nation’s economic and maritime endeavors. Situated along the Atlantic coastline, these ports serve as vital hubs for trade, commerce, and transportation.

The bustling ports of Nouakchott and Nouadhibou facilitate the movement of goods, both domestically and internationally, fostering economic growth and regional connectivity. With their strategic location, they contribute significantly to Mauritania’s position in the global trade network.